We are MADAM

Soundtracks, Curatorship, Site-Specific Happenings.
We believe that only through the agitation and involvement of many single atoms, new and sustainable forms of collective harmony can be shaped. 

Hello 2023 – Excited to announce new projects and collaborations soon!

IL CIRCOLO DEL FRATTEMPO is a happening born from the desire to make coincidences happen, since our lives are made out of these, collected in order to find sense within a nomadic cultural vessel.

From Zürich, through Milan and Berlin, it is coming back to Zürich to take place again in early 2023 –>

Upcoming: NEL FRATTEMPO at Moods on 24.02.2023 w/ Holy Tongue, Svetlana Marâs, Julie Folly, Beautysalon AYAYAY, INK!

Doors: 19.30h
Concerts: 20.30h

Important! Write us a mail on info(at)madam.cloud to get on the friendslist with entry price of chf 20.-

Norient_snaps by MADAM